Our Core Values


We believe in providing clarity in every step of the way from discovery to final interaction. We design luxury jewelry pieces that inspire peace, honesty and reliability. We make a commitment to always deliver clarity through every piece we design and every interaction we have with our beloved customers, our dedicated team and trusting partners. Our production is Kimberley Process certified to guarantee full transparency. 


Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in the heart of New York and overseas with utmost attention to detail by local experienced artisans. We make every piece uniquely exceptional for the woman who chooses to wear it. We have a dedicated quality and control team who meticulously supervises production to ensure quality always reaches our highest standards. 

Attainable Luxury:

Every woman deserves to experience luxury as she wishes at fair prices without compromising on quality. We design the finest jewelry for women who want to feel luxurious every day. A piece of our jewelry will provide a lifetime of luxury sensation, because every piece is made to make women feel deserving, confident & distinctively irreplaceable. 


Giving back is part of our company's DNA. We want to support communities through charity work and get involved into causes that matter. A portion of our annual profits will be donated to a charitable organization. We proudly choose to deliver jewelry that creates real change in your life and ours.