Forever Jewelry For The Luxurious Woman That You Are

Our Story

Driven by a passion and admiration for jewelry making, Clarté’s story is rooted in family and honors real and honest bonds through its work. As 4th generation jewelers, Clarté’s very own founders Manvi & Rimi Golcha, a mother & daughter duo, established an exceptional expertise through the years in the fine jewelry industry and profoundly believe that everyone is deserving of their own unique luxury jewelry piece. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, the Golcha family have perfected the art of jewelry making and now offers through Clarté, original designs that embrace uniqueness in its most luxurious form. With the purpose of making fine jewelry an attainable and authentic experience, Clarté offers its own exquisite collections featuring timeless yet modern distinct pieces that elevate women’s everyday style at fair prices. Clarté is pushing the boundaries and redefining the meaning of luxury by making it an inviting experience to every woman who wants to live a luxurious lifestyle regardless of her status.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that every woman is deserving of luxury. We offer a unique selection of fine jewelry designs meticulously crafted piece by piece in New York and overseas that provide the highest levels of polish, brilliance and clarity. Our collections include 18K/14K gold and platinum pieces, with the best quality diamonds, enamel and precious/semi-precious-colored stones that meet our high standards at the best price available. Created with the modern woman in mind, our collections of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings offer attainable luxury that enhances any outfit for any occasion. Ranging from classic and elegant to bold and edgy, our pieces are designed to easily transition from any day & night event to another bringing a piece of luxury to everyday life. Our investment-worthy jewelry is designed to give women the ultimate luxurious experience that will last a lifetime of enjoyment. Each piece is as unique as the woman who wears it, incomplete harmony with her elegance & audacity.

Our Vision

Clarté strives to become the go-to luxury jewelry boutique destination for women and to make the luxurious lifestyle attainable to everyone without compromising on style, quality and reliability. Every one-of-a-kind woman deserves her one-of-kind luxury jewelry piece that embraces her femininity and empowers her to live her best life.

Our Designing Process

All our jewelry starts with a sketch.

Manvi, our co-founder and designer, begins by sketching every detail, giving each piece the same authenticity and uniqueness that every woman has and deserves. Drawing from her experience as a fine artist and graphic designer - Manvi takes design inspiration from her personal experiences and tries to add a little sparkle in between to make each piece a unique experience for the beholder.

Our Ethics

Ethically sourced, sustainably made isn’t just our motto, it’s our method. Everything you see is sustainable and made from 100% recycled gold in our in house manufacturing facilities in New York and overseas. Any gold that is wasted during manufacturing is Recycled. This is done because gold can be reused multiple times without losing its quality. We go even further by using conflict-free diamonds that are carefully selected to maintain quality and adhere to the Kimberley Process. All of Clarte´'s jewelry is also handmade, casted, polished and perfected by seventh generation craftsmen. We also make sure every single design goes through a rigorous 5-step testing process by our in-house quality and control team so you can shine your brightest and wear it worry-free.

Jewelry where ethics are as important as the jewelry itself.

Our Fair Pricing

Major brands in our industry markup their products 8-10x the actual cost. At Clarte we make luxury attainable. We’ve built our own in house manufacturing facility to cut out the unnecessary import taxes, retail markups, middle-men, etc. All of our jewelry is also made-to-order so there are no inventory costs. We want our customers to have the best quality jewelry at the fairest prices available.

Our Sourcing

We scour the globe to source our precious and semi precious gems from family-run establishments that support local communities to simply bring you the best available.