Handcrafted Quality:

Jewelry is art and should be treated as such. We believe jewelry shouldn't be made to lay around in a warehouse. That's why we delicately handcraft all of our jewelry on a made-to-order basis to ensure the finest quality is delivered. With each piece being meticulously handmade by our seventh generation artisans, each piece is more unique than the next just like you.

Daring Designs:

Our jewelry is made to be worn and loved. That's why we design all of our pieces with a classic look and a modern feel. Each piece is handcrafted making every one slightly different and unique from each other for the unique person you are. From subtle and delicate to striking and impactful we have jewelry for every occasion and every woman.

The Process:

Every one of our pieces starts as an idea. Manvi Golcha, our co-founder who has a degree in fine arts and graphic design takes inspiration from her travels and just everyday life to create the striking jewelry at Clarte’. When inspiration strikes she takes to the sketchbook and free hands her work. After the sketches are completed a computerized image is created so then we can create a computer assisted design (CAD) of the sketches. To get an even better understanding of our jewelry we then create a 3D wax model to visualize the piece in our hands to make final alterations before we start crafting.